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Find a grave (gravestone, headstone, tombstone) in Nova Scotia by clicking on the province, or territory. These records are created by volunteers, like yourself, who submit photographs (photos, pictures, scans) of headstones. A volunteer may submit 1 or 1001 (one or one thousand and one) entries to the database. They may even photograph and submit a complete cemetery (cemetary).

Find a grave within Nova Scotia by searching by county, district, rural municipality or region. You can, also, search the database using a surname, partial surname, begins with, contains or even sounds like.

You can also locate a grave by searching a particular cemetery. You may even list all records for a cemetery.

If you see a cemetery name which contains a plus sign ( + ), this indicates there is a photograph of the cemetery gate, entrance or landscape. To locate this photograph or picture, perform a search using cemetery name.

We encourage submitters to include photos of any headstone, gravestone, tombstone, necropolis, monument, war memorial, statue, plaque which show information about a burial or death. We expect the complete transcription, text, epitaph, or whatever is on the monument to be entered for the benefit of researchers, family members and others who have any interest in genealogy, family history or local history. is a Non-Profit Canadian Corporation. Therefore, it's longevity is assured. It does not rely on any one person for it's survival into the years ahead.

Further information is readily available from our Help & FAQ or Terms of Use.


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PLEASE NOTE: Headstones are indexed by province or territory; then county, region, and other geographic divisions which apply to the province or territory; and finally by cemetery.