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B: Bath United Church+, Bath, Ernestown Cemetery (20)
C: Cataraqui cemetery Kingston Cemetery (3)
Centreville United Church+ Cemetery (52)
Christ Church+, Tamworth Cemetery (22)
D: Denbigh Cemetery (15)
Deseronto Cemetery (148)
F: Flinton On St John the Evangelist RC Cemetery (1)
Flinton United Cemetery (37)
H: Hay Bay United Church+ Cemetery (50)
L: Loyst+ Cemetery (89)
M: Morven+ Cemetery (17)
Moscow United Church, Moscow Cemetery (9)
N: New Newburgh United Cemetery (3)
Newburgh Cemetery (5)
Q: Quaker, Moscow Cemetery (3)
Quaker, Quaker Hill Rd, Adolphustown Cemetery (58)
R: Reidville United Church+ Cemetery (206)
Riverside Cemetery (19)
Riverview+ Cemetery (26)
Robertson Cemetery (90)
Roblin Cemetery (19)
S: Sophiasburgh Cemetery (3)
St. Alban's Anglican, Adolphustown Cemetery (213)
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic+ Cemetery (9)
St. Linus Roman Catholic+ Cemetery (166)
St. Luke's United, Denbigh Cemetery (366)
St. Mary's Roman Catholic+, Odessa Cemetery (290)
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic+, Napanee Cemetery (5)
St. Paul's Anglican, Kaladar. Cemetery (6)
St. Vincent de Paul, Deseronto Cemetery (15)
T: Tamworth & Christ Church+ Cemetery (91)
U: UEL United Church, Dorland Cemetery (362)
Union Lutheran+, Ernestown Twp. Cemetery (649)
V: Vennachar Cemetery (11)
Violet, Ernestown Cemetery (12)
Vrooman's, Centreville Cemetery (1)
W: Wilton Cemetery (10)

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