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C: Christ Church (St-André-d'Argenteuil) Cemetery (149)
E: Edendale - Protestant (Calumet) Cemetery (1357)
G: Glen (Harrington) Cemetery (6)
Grenville-Calumet - Catholique Cemetery (991)
H: Harrington Protestant (aka Shaw's) Cemetery (174)
K: Kilmar+ Cemetery (19)
L: Lachute - catholique (Ave d'Argenteuil) Cemetery (5419)
Lachute Protestant/St. Mungo United (rue Principale) Cemetery (5701)
M: Mille Isles Anglican Cemetery (3)
O: Ogdensburg+ (Brownsburg-Chatham) Cemetery (576)
R: Rouge-Valley (Harrington) Cemetery (76)
S: Scotch Road+ (Grenville) Cemetery (189)
St. Andrew Protestant+ (St-André-d'Argenteuil) Cemetery (64)
St. Matthews Anglican+ (Grenville) Cemetery (759)
St. Mungo's United+ (Brownsburg-Chatham) Cemetery (110)
St. Paul Anglican (Gore) Cemetery (163)
W: Wentworth Cemetery (2)

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