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Why is a Non-profit Corporation?

What is a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation?

It is an incorporated entity under the laws of Canada just as any other corporation except that the officers and directors cannot gain any personal profit from the corporation; it has no share capital; and it does not pay any income taxes; however, the must file Annual Returns and the usual corporate income tax forms with the appropriate regulators.

What is the Difference Between a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation and Any Other Corporation?

In any other Corporation, the Directors, Officers, and Owners can be, and usually are, paid salaries, honourariums and bonuses.

Why Become a Non-Profit Corporation?

Most older genealogists and family history buffs become increasingly concerned about the future of their records as they creep closer to meeting their Maker! Some of the questions people begin to ask are: who will keep my records from being destroyed; will all my hard work just disappear; who will continue my work; and ...

When Jim McKane developed in July 2009, he had no idea how quickly it would grow; therefore, in the summer of 2010, he became increasingly concerned about the longevity of the project. He began thinking about how the project could be perpetuated, not if but when he becomes incapacitated or dies! Jim has seen and continues to learn of cases where the owner/operator of a website has become ill or died and the records have disappeared along with the person! Very often, the surviving family members have no interest in the records or maybe aren't aware of the value the records.

With the thousands of hours work which volunteers around the world have poured into, Jim could not allow the project to be in danger of collapsing! The only viable option was to incorporate the operation, yet Jim wanted the project to remain a free service to genealogists and researchers. Therefore, he spent his own money and months of frustration to create the non-profit corporation

As of August 2011, there are four volunteer directors guiding the operation and future of the corporation. Should any one of these become incapacitated or die, the remaining directors simply appoint a new volunteer to the Board as they see fit; thus, the corporation continues to remain intact.

What is the Lifespan of

As with any other corporation, can continue forever under the control of its Board of Directors.

What is the purpose of

The purpose of the corporation is to gather, archive, publish and disseminate genealogical or historical data or other records of interest to family historians, genealogists, or other researchers.

The initial focus has been the Headstone Project the mission of which has been to capture digital images and the complete transcription of headstones of our ancestors. With the continued success of the Headstone Project, it is time to broaden the scope of the site by hosting other genealogy records or transcription data.

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