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Select a photo (max. size 3mp OR mb) to upload then press "Submit")
N.B.: If your submission results in a blank screen, your photo is too large & must be resized smaller.
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It's As Easy As ...

Select a photo and upload it to the server. Photos are optimized during the upload process and are not required to be resized prior to upload, unless your phto is larger than 3mp or mb. Be sure the photo is at least 900px X 900px
View your photo and ensure that everything was uploaded correctly.  You can crop the photo, to remove unwanted background at this time.
Now transcribe the information from your photo to the headstone database. Please be sure to index EVERY NAME on the headstone. Married females should be indexed by Surname = Married Surname; First Name = All First Names; Maiden Name = Birth Surname(if known).

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